silly people :) there is no 8th base... unless you have a good imagination
Denis: "Dude, wat is the 8th base?"
Justin: "Dude...think about it..."
Denis: "I can't think of it."
Justin: "That's 'cause there is no 8th base dumbass!"
by Secret Scarlett June 07, 2010
Top Definition
the act of having sexual intercourse with an entire farm and then the farmer
Oh man im so sore, i went to 8th base last night...and it went into the morning.
by Slick Bentley August 05, 2004
having a three some with an alien
kevin and kassandra went to 8th base with E.T
by ue highschool December 22, 2009
Touching knee caps
Brandon: You know why she wears shorts right?
Arthur: No why?
Brandon: It's easier to get to 8th base that way.
Arthur: Her knees do look pretty sexy today.
by CooRiderOfTheNight January 08, 2011
Not quite 9th base which is strangling whilst doing anal. Naturally 8th base is any sexual act that involves cowboy spurs and a car battery.
Guy 1: Dude we got to 8th base last night.
Guy 2: That is so awesome!
Guy 1: No ... she wores the spurs ...
by pablothelama October 16, 2014
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