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A new "reality" series on MTV based around 10 models trying to make it in Miami's South Beach. There are 6 girls (Briana, Britt, Kelly, Sabrina, Talesha and Tracie) and 4 guys (Adrian, Sean, Teddy and Vinci). The characters already have personalities, problems and plotlines after one episode. Kelly and Sabrina, the twins, compete with one another. Kelly, thus far, is the better one while Sabrina is very jealous. Britt is the Midwest girl trying modeling in a big city for the first time. She is very naïve and modest (not good qualities for a model). Vinci is the hot and cocky guy. I emphasize the HOT part. Vinci is flakey when it comes to keeping appointments because he knows he is hot stuff. The show airs Tuesdays at 10:30pm.
the MTV plug: Want to know what the high-stakes, competitive world of modeling is really like? You're invited to drop by 8th & Ocean.
by Cam Cam March 13, 2006
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