a dice game originally known as craps. Comes from the fact that a 7 or 11 wins on the first roll
I was playing some 7-11 and lost all my muthafuckin money, man. Now howm I gonna pay my babys child support?
by bojzzle October 09, 2004
What you win when you hit the Indian lottery.
Gneriwerl said: " I scratched and scratched and the dot matched the dot on my forehead... I WON the 7-11 is mine. I can now legaly rob and poison the American people."
by mavros April 09, 2006
A slut where her doors are wide open 24 7.

Also a ghetto ATM
Let go to the local 7 11 and get some peaches.
by byrdstheword January 09, 2004
A chane of stors that sells junk food of all types. (home of the gods)
"I'm hungry"
"lets go to 7-11!"
by alex king November 12, 2004
A store that sells food and drinks at higher prices and rarely offer things on sale such as sodas than other stores. Also its a place that takes food stamps and credit cards, and debit cards to pay for your merchandise. I also sells lottery tickets to win money, and other things to take with on a long trip after gassing up the car, which they offer gas at a high price as well. They offer a special treat such as the slur pee and candy thats higher in price.
You want to go to 7-11 to get something to drink? But be careful the prices are too high there so spend your money
by gccengineering May 07, 2008
A convience store that usually 4 departments per block. 7-11s located in ghetto places will usually have a robbery every night and 30+ hookers roaming around the 7-11s premices, all engaging in a merciless cat-fight. More urban places like chicago will have a semi-fancy 7-11 with peace and harmony.
"Every where I look, I see them damn 7-11s." - Richard nixon
by hanes June 24, 2005
1. alternate term for opne 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Dude, that ho is open like 7-11.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
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