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XBOX 360
Call of Duty: WaW or Call of Duty: MW2
(this cannot b performed with cod 4 because it's full of no-scopers, and no-scopers have yet to reach 1st base)

You start off playing WAW or MW2 on your XBOX 360 as normal, half way through a match you get a boner, you then proceed to shooting one of you're opponents with:

WAW: Type 100 sub machine gun.

after your opponent has died, you run up, tea bag them, whilst shoving the xbox controller up your anus and have the trigger stuck down so it's constantly vibrating, and you obviously jack off to this.

If you are in zombie mode on WAW you can simply smack your penis every time you hear the sound of a panel of a window being repaired... do this until red or you have cummed.


If you are female the only way you can reach 66th base is by fingering yourself watching your boyfriend/husband/any other guy... do this.
Guy 1: I reached 66th base last night

Guy 2: So that was the reason you tea bagged me after killing me
by NeedlesLookLikeWeirdPenises February 11, 2010
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