uPTOWN Phoenix, South Phoenix, and West Phoenix the original are code of Phoenix before the 623 and 480. Home to rappers Cut Throat Logic,Languistik Arkiteks,Under Suspishen,Juice, Willy Northpole,and many more... soon to be on the map for the rap world.
Yo son we holdin it down uPTOWN reppin the 602
by uPTOWN soldier August 21, 2007
Top Definition
Phoenix, AZ area code

HustlAZ city
I represent that 602
by Tha602 January 14, 2005
any act of gay male sex
Those guys were 602ing each other hard
by I HATE 602 June 11, 2012
Area Code of the West Side Scottsdale as well as phoenix. Great place to find sluts and madd dope.
Bill: yo nigga whats good
Tom: bout to head to west side scottsdale, the 602
Bill: Your sofa king stupid dont you know thats Robb's territory. He'll put a douche nugget like you in a rectangle box.
Tom: i thought i told you not to call me that Tom!

Eg. I am West Side Scottsdale, Recognize
by W.S.S. Robb March 23, 2007
At one time 10-602 was a CB code for wanting to have sexual intercourse with someone. "602" was abreviated to mean I want you (sexually).
Hey Baby 602 right now, right here.
by testit143 April 15, 2007
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