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Mercedes Benz s600, cl600 v12 engine
by disco stew July 16, 2003
Need to fix your attitude.
- A numeric code that became popular in the 90's.

Alternate meaning:
- Attitude adjustment needed.
- Spells "God" in pager code.

Pager code: "555-1234*600"
by marina5235 December 18, 2012
Bartender code for going for a cigarette break.
"Watch the bar, 600"
by bobbinson April 12, 2010
Watching the movie 300 twice within a short period of time. Could also be 900, or the incredibly dangerous 1200.
Guy 1: That movie was kickass! What should we do now?

Guy 2: Care to make it 600?
by Basswolf November 11, 2007
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