An upgraded version of the sex move 69. It just has an extra person in the middle.

6 8 9
lol those three people definately did a 689 last night
by Cschermes May 13, 2009
Top Definition
When you fuck a cup of water and then drink it.
It's what gangstars used to do before tv was invented.
Oh yeh man I totally fucked this chick right, and then she did a 6.89, it was fuckin sick as.
by Srdjan March 17, 2008
An orgy where two people having 69 (the 8) are receiving anal sex at the same time.
Robert and Bob were having 69 when Rob and Bobby decided to join them and make it a 689
by saskriders January 06, 2012
A form of analingis that occurs between two partners, in which both partners lick each other's anus.

Essentially, it's like 69ing, but with buttonholes-- a double rim job.
My girlfriend was giving me a rim job and wanted one too, so to make it fair, we started to 689.
by plust October 23, 2014
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