A group of losers who are going nowhere in life. They will have no future, no friends, no fun. The 3 essentials of life.
"theres seriously like 5-8 of you losers that join together and you think you have the whole fucking house behind you. GUESS WHAT THIS HOUSE HAS CHANGED....WE'RE SOCIAL, WE LIKE GIRLS."
by 7:55 February 26, 2013
Top Definition
The new sex number. Free to be shouted in public without fear of odd looks.
Person 1: guess how many...?
Person 2: 58!!!!!!!!!

Person 1: 58!!...(giggles)
by Btsmlb May 23, 2016
The number after 57 and before 59.

Oh my god it's technical
there's 57 cats oh no there's 1 more, that makes 58
by Jason Max October 18, 2007
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