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555'ed - to be 555'ed - to be given a false telephone number by an attractive member of the opposite sex.

telephone numbers beginning in 555 are used exclusively in movies and are not real numbers.

A 555 number is usually given to avoid embarassment on the part of the person asked, but it is also a dismissive gesture that can be embarassing when the person who asked for the number finds out what has happened; however, since the 555 number has its origins in film, recipients of the number may feel they have been turned down in a "glamorous" way, which softens the blow.
Hey can I have your number?

...Sure! Here it is. Bye!

Aw, dude, she 555'ed you!


Look at the number - 555 - 0001. You got 555'ed - it's fake!
Man that really sucks, she was awfully cute.

No, she was hot, way out of your league, but now you have a funny story!

Yeah...I guess.
by mattslion123 January 19, 2011

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