is when you're so NOT SURE whether or not a girls face is hot or not that you could take a baseball bat to her face, and it could either make her WAY uglier or WAY hotter!!!
J-1 : DUDE! A's Face is sooo 50/50

J-2 : Yeah man, we gotta take a baseball bat to her face.
by swingingchair November 24, 2009
Top Definition
A 50/50 is when you pay a prostitute to perform intercourse and follow it up with oral sex. Please note the order can be changed to suit the situation, or the patron.
As we drove down the street, my buddy yelled out the window at a known prostitute and asked "how much for a BJ and a Lay?". The prostitute replied "a 50/50 will run ya $35!".
by Street-Walker A June 24, 2010
A newly discovered sex move in which a male/female becomes submerged in two bodies. This is done by inserting the top half of one's body in to another's asshole. The same is then done with bottom half of the body.
Teacher: Would you guys like to 50/50 with me in the middle?
2 Boys: Um... Yes!
by Mr. 50/50 February 27, 2011
when having sex to half cum inside the girls cooter pull out and then unload the rest on her body
don't 50/50 me its horrible.
by just call me alias December 06, 2009
equally or fairly shared
After they determined what the prize was worth, they split it 50/50.
by The Return of Light Joker August 28, 2009
A non gangster by involved in gang s###
a non affiliated hinging with real "Gs" is called a 50/50.
Or in graffiti drawing to show that it done by a non-affiliated, it on some where near the drawing they did.
by mr. mexican thug July 08, 2009
A joint that is rolled up with about half weed and half tobacco. It makes the smoke much more light and easy to get a good smoke if you don't have a lot of green left. Note: 50/50s get you higher than you may think.
Yeah, we rolled a 50/50 and smoked it as we walked to our intramural soccer game.
by Major November 24, 2004
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