A fictional god of war and terror that supposedly comes whenever someone says the word "FIVE" in a specific tone. Five is legendary for having the ability to change his form and shape, and killing humans that are poor in judgment in a flash.
Put on your shirts and clean up your language, gentlemen. 5 is on his way.
by Kettz January 08, 2009
1. A whole, rational number from the decimal hindu arabic system.

Value: * * * * *

Written form in English: five

2. Only the most important number in D'ni culture ever!

More important than 25!

It is apparently the source of all that is awesome.

3. Riven, the fifth age of Gehn
1. Uh, iiss the ansssswerr 5?
Party time!

2. So you're now 5^3? Awesome!

Let's have a big celebration!

3. Thank god you've returned! I need your help. There is a great deal of history that you should know, but I'm afraid I must continue my writing. Here. Most of what you'll need to know is in there. Keep it well hidden. For reasons you'll discover, I can't send you to Riven with a way out; but I can give you this. It appears to be a linking book back here to D'ni, but it's actually a one man prison. You'll need it I'm afraid, to catch Gehn. Once you've found Catherine, signal me, and I'll come with a linking book to bring us back. There's also a chance if this all goes well, I might be able to get you back to the place you came from. And by the way, 5!
by MogwaII [Slump Virus] May 17, 2010
The Number Of Boroughs in New York City

Staten Island
Brooklyn is the best of the 5 boroughs
by CrooklynZoo October 27, 2008
guns or a any type of pistol
umma pull that 5 on you if you dont dip
by tony sintel May 18, 2008
The greatest tasting gum know to man!
Flare- Cinnamon
Cobalt- Peppermint
Rain- Spearmint
*Spark- Lemon
*Wind- Grape
*Dark- Black Cherry

*Flavors not out yet
"Man gimme some of that 5 spark!"
by Moodew September 20, 2007
To masturbate to someone's webcam while in a chat roomusually on Stickam
Ahhh, I'm 5 ing right now. You're so fucking hot.
by Kate Steinberg February 18, 2008
Code for doing 69 in front of a mirror: (6+9)/(9-6) = 5.
Mom: "Johnny, were you and Susie really studying last night? How many of those math problems did you get done?"
Johnny: "Um... 5." *snicker*
by Mr2001 September 19, 2006

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