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Darkest tints availabe. Mean tints to put on any car, ridiculously dark, so dark you can't even see inside the window. 35% is average, then the lower percentage it goes, the darker it is.
Mike Jones : 5% tints so you can't see up in my window.
by darkmyst May 01, 2006
SECOND to the darkest tint available for automotive applications. 2.5%, also known as "Deuce n 1/2" let's in only 2.5% of light, or half as much as full 5% allows in. Thus making 2.5% tint twice as dark as 5%, and damn near impossible to see out even on the sunniest of days.
(Gangsta 1) Sup b?
(Gangsta 2) Sup blood?
(Gangsta 1) Sheeit man, chillin, sup witch ju?
(Gangsta 2) Chillin, cruisin, smokin this here blunt.
(Gansta 1) I know, I could see you hitting that thu yo jank ass 5% tint.
(Gangsta 2) Sheeit man no you couldn' quit playin'
(Gangsta 1) Sheeeit, you best tear that shit off n lay some 2.5% tint cus everyone see you smokin that twerb all the time.
(Gangsta 2) Sheeeit
(Gangsta 1) It do smell like some good tho
(Gangsta 2) Sheeit, stop on by lata it's some kill
(Gangsta 1) Aight man, peaaace
by Skif June 12, 2007