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An expression used on the internet and Xbox LIVE meaning "for life." This phrase is making fun of when people use "4 life." It was popularized by Team ICE.
"Team ICE 5 life" -Zach
by TEAM NCIE November 22, 2009

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An alternative for 4life, used by people who want to seem like hipsters, because 4life is so old and clichéd. Typically, they aren't actually hipsters.
Facebook Poster: omggg #yolo #swag5life
Commenter #1: Wow, way to try to be unique while still being a pretentious follower. You're going places in life.
Poster: wow h8rs gonna h8 my lyfe is the b3st lol omg such a sm4rt sentnce #yoloswag
by King Stannis Ua Chennislaig January 10, 2013