Basically speaking in 3rd person, but talking about another person who is with you.

... still working on this definition.
Latoya, Raquel, and Shantel
are hanging out at the arcade downtown.

Shantel-"Latoya loves DDR. She wants to play it."
Latoya-"Ay0 Raquel, Shantel loves speaking in 4th person."

by chewbacca4lyfe September 07, 2007
Top Definition
1. When you have split personalities (skitzo) and one of the personalities talks about the other personality(ies) as if they are another body(ies).

2. Talking about your alter ego as if they are another person.
Bob has a split personality. His other personality is Tom. Bob said Tom is not here at the moment. So Bob is talking in the 4th person because he is talking in 3rd person but not talking in 3rd person. He is talking about himself but yet at the same time talking about another person. Hence 4th person.
by Maximus Ambrosius May 24, 2010
When an author is narrating about a person a person who is skitzo talking about their other personality consciously.
Author(me): is writing about Jake the skitzo. Jake the skitzo is talking about his other self (Alex) simultaneously.

Writing in 4th Person-"I was very worried when i heard what Jake said about Alex 'he wants to rob the cereal company' said Alex to Jake, and Jake to me."
by Manny Marvelous February 28, 2011
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