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The smartest, most fucked-up floor to ever grace the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Currently occupying the fourth floor of the A tower in Sellery 09-10, these students party harder on an average Thursday then you ever partied on your craziest night in college. Each weekend brings about new missing residents, new under-ages, new write-ups, and new injuries. On Wisconsin!
"Oh my god, did you, like, hear 4A blasting their music last night? It's, like, a Thursday night. Like, omg, wtf?"

"You, my friend, are the next winner of the 4A 'Most Fucked Uuup' Trophy - congratulations."

"Woke up this morning to find that all the toilets on 4A are covered in puke... so I took a shit on the floor."

"True Life: I Live on Sellery 4A."
by cooch kate February 24, 2010
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