area code of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. its in the song Area Codes by Ludacris
if u listen to the song, 414 is mentioned in the 3rd verse by Luda...its after the verse by nate dogg, and then there is the chorus, then luda's verse where he says 414
by Mil town August 03, 2004
A complete cock up by GOA during the open beta registration of Warhammer Online.
by yozmeister September 07, 2008
Number 4 of abc is D and number 1 is A and 4 is D again so it spells DAD.
just hidin from 414, hes lookin to kick my ass and hes drunk as hell.
by pyr0k!n3$!$ February 14, 2009
Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Busta Rhymes' Hometown.
Oprah Winfrey's Hometown.
yo, we reppin 414 bitches!
by CERTiFiEDSHAWTY March 19, 2005

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