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Party house located in East Lansing, Michigan - directly outside the campus of Michigan State University. Top consumers of Brunette's, facebook attention and at times ex-girlfriend problems. Not a suitable location for young children, most pets, and any form of authority. You must have alcohol on hand to walk in this house, (cigarettes are sometimes acceptable under owners discretion). Also the place were many cause of laughter, joy, destruction, love, alcoholism and most likely a future feature film on college life originate from.
Guy: (coming down the stairs, disoriented, sees Katie rapping on a table -indoors- to Asher Roth ) "Umm ... I don't know where I am ..."

Roommate: (hahahaahah!) "Take a shot... come on..." *its 3PM*

Guy: No, really where I am?

Roommate: Your on Division, 410 Division. You slept somewhere here last night.

Guy: Oh ok cool, your're all Hott.... but wait... Why am I all wet?
by karanicolekara August 24, 2009

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