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a fat narccisistic bastard who plays the drums for larry's tit's. He has a penchant for the silent melodramatics, not telling anyone what is on his mind, and being obsessive impulsive about things, which he inherets from his parents.
Me: "where did you go 40?"
40oz. express: "I was just running some parts"
Me: "why didn't you tell me, I would have helped"
40: "It's o.k. johnny, you were masturbating"
me: "Want to crank out some tunes?"
40: "sure dude, but I have to leave in time for dinner with the fam"
by johnny alternative January 21, 2004
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a tit, specifically the one who pounds the skins. 40 oz express is an absent minded professor of the kit, and lives constanly in the shadow of his counterpart and mentor, johnny alternative. Has been known to drink excessively and the term lorry was born during one of his drinking binges.
40: "have you seen my keys, I can't find them"
Johnny: "no, I haven't. where are you going?"
40: "I have to go to Fox's. I think I left my wallet in there, but I can't find my keys"
Johnny: "Ha Ha Ha. You lost your keys, now you can't go look for your lost wallet. what a dick"
40: "You better shut the fuck up, or I'm going to lorry you.
by Max Powers January 24, 2004
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