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WTF? Oh no, IIS got down still another time!
Uh oh! You stumbled upon a 404 error!
Either the page you are trying to access is not on our server, or you typed in the wrong URL.
by Uc@Nap December 23, 2004
10 9

An internet message board that once was a spinoff of LUE but has since become something much more.
404 Error is the shit!
by Rei January 04, 2004
38 9
An error that occurs when an internet page cannot be found; often occurs due to loss of internet connection or an update to the current site.
Hey Jim, I tried to get to that site you told me about but I must have typed the URL wrong because I got a 404 error.
by ShamrockGold November 04, 2003
35 9
a webite spinoff of Life, the Universe, and Everything.
404 > Life, the Universe, and Everything.
by just a guy December 14, 2003
28 14