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The sign of masculinity, requires dedication and/or steroids to achieve this level of strength. Those who possess this strength should not be fucked with as they are capable of anything including but not limited to: the tearing off of heads, dislocation of joints, and walking through brick walls. Despite there apparent size and strength they are actually fast...just a hair behind ninja speed, so unless your a ninja do not try to get away, your dead meat.
Joe: "did you hear John made a 400lb Benchpress the other day?"
Mike: "No I didn't but hell I would not want to mess with that dude!"

John: "hey Mike"
Mike: "There is one guy that i'd be afraid to mess with, and its you"
John: "whys that"
Mike: "because you could tear my fucking head off"
by Bigbenchpresser October 17, 2010
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