a TIME in the 70's where a group of teens would gather after school got out to smoke marijuana. 4:20 was the perfect time because it was after school, enough time to get the weed and smoke before parents got home. since then april 20th has become a "holiday" in which people celebrate smoking marijuana! also, 420 is NOT a police number and they do NOT say that when they see people doing drugs.
"you wana get high? afterall it is 4/20."

"happy holidays, its 4/20"
by wallyworld girl April 20, 2010
Adolf Hitlers day of birth and national pot day which is the the day and or time your suppose to smoke pot.
Oh it's 4/20 lets be faggots and smoke pot
by skdkkmkm April 20, 2009
when all the the lil' kiddies get high and jus all around fucked up. A religious holiday considering it falls on a sunday and passover weekend.
Mom- Honey, I just realized its 4/20 and I let our son, Jimmy go over Bob's house all day. wow, i know what they are doing...
Dad- Shit!
by ily4 April 15, 2008
some say it was bob marlys birth day (rong). others say it was when a group of college students (aka the "waldos")gathered every day at 4:20 to smoke pot. anuther theory is that 4/20 was the date weed became illegal, or it was hitlers birth/death day
"hey man comin over for 4/20"
by the sceptic August 19, 2008
1. Smoke up ya fucking pot-heads
2. the birthday of the fucked up man that we all no and hate as Adolf Hitler
pot-head #1: hey man...its 4/20 u no wat that means dont u
pot-head #2: yeah dude...i have the weed
by ;alkfdyu;c;ebek May 03, 2007
Day of the Columbine High School tradgedy.

"hey isnt 4/20 weed smoking day?"
"no you ass its the day the columbine shootings happened"
by pppppeeeace April 26, 2006
2/10. or more properly 1/5.
"the answer is 4/20"
"dont you mean 1/5? idiot."
by glencorathecat April 20, 2005
The unsimplified version of 1/5 for a bunch of dumb asses who never passed elementary school math and subsequently never learned to reduce fractions.
Person 1: Hey, ready to celebrate 4/20?
Person 2: Actually, I will be celebrating 1/5, since it's the mathematical equivalent to 4/20.
Person 1: ...k...
by Mr. Guam April 20, 2015

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