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The 3uds is when someone is:

1: ripped - muscley and well built to beat someonnes ass.
2: Tripped - usually when one has to many carbonated alchoholic beverages one begins to 'trip off ones tits'.
3. Stripped - When a familiar character of a certain bunch takes off an item of clothing exposing a part of themselves. Usual exposings occur around the crotch and buttocks area.

It is a way of judging someone on how much of a 'badman'they are. If they have 1 of these they are alright, 2 good and 3 makes them a G

Having the '3uds' (pronounced 'ud') is fairly hard to be in possesion of all 3 without looking like a dickhead, the only known people to have expreienced all 3 and looked like 'badmen' are Chris Pinnell, Josh Flack and Dann Shelton.
"look at john, he thinks he's the shit with 2uds, wait until phillip gets here with his 3uds'

"im sooo wasted man, but im so out of shape and fully dressed"
by Chris Pinnell October 11, 2007
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