The Great Lakes/North Coast region.

The section of the Midwest and NE thats within roughly 60 miles of the Great Lakes.

Includes: Michigan, North Ohio, NW Indiana, NE Illinois, East Wisconsin, NW Pennsylvania, and West New York. Chicago/Gary, Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown, Detroit, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Toledo, Erie, etc.
Chicago is located in the 3rd Coast
by 3rdcoasteye May 21, 2010
Top Definition
The states along tha Gulf Of Mexico Texas, Lousiana, Georgia, Missippi, Alabama, ect
I rep tha 3rd coast
by B Money March 04, 2003
1) A name referring to the southern states that border the Gulf of Mexico.

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

2) It also may refer to ALL THE SOUTH, not just the gulf coast states.
3rd Coast Born & Raised...

Florida Boy....

Dade County
by AC June 13, 2006
Puss puss monster who loves talking about his life.
3rdCoast: "Just saw a movie with the baddest chick ever"
Strings: "fuck up 3rdcoast"
by Celticsrck August 02, 2014
see "third coast."
East coast, west coast? Can't nobody fuck with our third coast styles.
by nick victim April 30, 2004
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