aFexTz ownz 100% of all 3chrs kthxnub
jewbie: fextz u got a 3 u dont need?
me: gtfo =
by aFexTz October 08, 2003
Top Definition
cyber-crimes B pwnin j00 nubZz in da 2k4skds seven 11 + i 0wn all 3charz and ur mother, just ask m3 and i show u kthxnubg2gj00l4m3rthxklolj/khehokg2g.
Your Mother, My 3chars, kthx
by Chap Sap September 17, 2003
tem owns this part. fuck off n00bs.2k3
by Tem March 21, 2003
248 owns all the 3chars. k thx.
by 248 March 29, 2003
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