A mass gathering of crazyfists.
Holy shit Tim, look at all those crazyfists. That shit is way too hardcore for me. I mean, I can handle one or two, maybe even 4 on occasion, but 36 crazyfists? Fuck that.
by Ace March 11, 2005
Top Definition
The best band in the world.
36 Crazyfists rock my fuckin' socks off!
by 36th Crazyfist March 29, 2004
The best mofuckin band in alaska..kicks total fuckin ass....brock lindow is a hot sexy man ..anyone who doesnt like 36 crazyfists can go fuck there mothers..and daddys
if you dont like 36 crazyfists your a dumb motherfucker
by cala March 09, 2005
the only thing that is good that came out of alaska, well salmons too

a good metalcore band from roadrunner records who got thier name from an old jackie chan kung fu movie
nothing sounds like 36 crazy fists
by wizdumb_kid December 25, 2003
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