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To finish something to completion without straying. To turn away other options in order to fully enjoy one item and gain the most out of it until there is nothing left.

This can refer to anything from electing to use one salad dressing until it is used up in lieu of opening up the other bottles in the fridge to referencing the idea of not starting any other books until you have finished the one you are busy with.

This term is used most often in traditional wet shaving forums where it references the use of one single shaving puck to completion before starting the next. This is a strategy most often employed by users who have accumulated so much stock of varying products that the daily choice of which item to use can become a burden and could detract from their ability to truly appreciate any single item.
Dr. Gold realized that he had accumulated too many soaps, so he decided to give his stock the 3017 Treatment by finishing one soap at a time before moving on to the next.
by InspiringK January 07, 2014
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