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Either a pathetic loser or a member of the lost generation that got screwed over by Bush, the oil industry, and the banks. If it's the latter, when you graduated from college, housing prices were through the roof, health insurance costs were insane, and the average salary was pathetic... then the economy tanked. Now, you're back living in the home your parents owned when they were your age. You're sleeping in your childhood bedroom, in the bed where you used to dream about what life would be like when you grew up.
Even though you studied hard, never ran up any credit card debt, never broke the law, and generally did everything society asked you to do AND even though you work 40 hours a week at a salary position, you're 30 years old and still living with your parents. By the time the economy pulls it's self out of this slump, you'll be too old to have a family of your own, or to be seriously considered for any non-dead-end job. You're not sure where you'll live when your parents retire in a year or two and sell the house, but, as the responsible and realistic planner you are, you've already begun buying Ramen Noodles in bulk.
by everyonethinksyouareafailure February 04, 2012
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