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A Memphis, Tennessee musical group best known for their dirty south style of rap. Hits include: Tear Da Club Up, We Mafia and I Bet U Won't.

Their studio gangster style is enjoyed by people of all ages, including adolecent teenage boys from the suburbs.
Yo check it. Is just chillin listenin to my partners 3-6 Mafia when some fool came over and I checked him out. Word.
by j-rizzle2ya November 01, 2007
See Three 6 Mafia or Three Six Mafia

-Biggest rap group that worship the devil.
-Think about their name.... Three 6 (666) Mafia.
-In their hit song Stay Fly, tha lady singing in the backround is saying...
'U are God, U are King, Lucifer.'
I gotta stay high I I I I I I I I until I die I I I I I I I

-3 6 mafia
by Shelly-Boo April 19, 2006
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