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The act of riding in a lowrider (64 Impala) on 3 wheels. Looks fucking cool.
Sippin on my potion, hit tha 3 wheel motion...
- Ice Cube
by Adam B January 19, 2005
The act of driving a vehicle with hydraulics or sometimes airbags/struts on three wheels. This is performed by locking up the entire vehicle then dumping the cylinder caddy corner to the wheel you want to lift off the ground. Usually done when turning a corner or driving in a circle causing the weight of the vehicle to be shifted to the rear, allowing the front wheel to lift off the ground. Not to be confused with the standing 3 wheel, which is when a car is able to 3 wheel without turning or being in motion. A more advanced hydraulic setup and installation is required to accomplish this.
I love to hit 3 wheel motion when im turning left at a big intersection. People really trip out, and the hynas love it.
#hydraulics #juice #juiced #lowrider #impala #cutlass #monte carlo
by *C3nz0* December 12, 2009
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