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when you are wearing velcro trainers, like nike courts, and have a feeling you will need to run very soon, and wont have time to bend down and do it when necessary, so you do up all 3 straps before any trouble starts, also making sure ur shoes dont fall off when u run.
mandem 1: oi u guna brik his window den yeh?
mandem 2: yes m8 get redy 2 run yeh?
mandem 3: this a 3 strap situation man, leme do em up yeh.
mandem 1: fuck it *smash*
mandems 1,2 and 3: shiiiitt ruuuuuun!!!!!!!!! *all run away realy fast and mandem 3s shoes would have come off had he not done up all 3 straps*
by janek winniczek June 28, 2007
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