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WWII Navy slang meaning FAG, a term used on the battleship USS Texas and possibly other navy ships.
Seamen First Class Benjamin Dover is a strong 3 letter man who swabs the poopdeck.
by K Werz. February 11, 2008
6 Words related to 3 letter man
An F-A-G
by Whitey June 14, 2003
Actually when writing a word whose pronunciation begins with a vowel you must seperate it with an N. As does the pronunciation of "Ef."
"Yea ksafj is an offended Ef A...Gee he has herpes in the mouth?" "Yes he is a scabby mouth fag."
by Prof. Dick Poopless June 28, 2003
Hmm AN fag....good one hot shot
by ksafj June 15, 2003

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