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As said in the movie "Bad Santa"
You get worse every year, that's all it is now is Booze, Bullshit, and Buttfuck

Yeah..the 3 b's.
by B-rad G from Mali December 24, 2008
The 3 B's of life
All you need in life is the 3 b's.
The 3 b's is all you really need in life.
by Mr. Awzum March 08, 2010
Code word for: BIRCHING - BOREDOM - BUGGERY, once used by British schoolboys to characterize public school life .
bla bla bla blahh...
by VAKI5 May 19, 2005
Can also refer to a method of getting a small break when parenting school-age children, used in the parenting method known as Benign Neglect. Stands for broken, bleeding, or burning.
"I'll be in my room. Don't bother me unless something is broken, bleeding, or burning."

"Yes mom, we know about the 3 b's.
by ViviWannabe May 27, 2016
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