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A hood in south philly that dont fuck around thousands of irish and polish men that are animals and loose cannons a hood were you make a false move and you dead homie, the toughest hood in south philly and got the most fame so holla at them, the home of the mummers home of the drunkest mutherfukers in america, 2st mainly consists of electricians, telephone men, longshoreman and etc, all just well paid people who live life to the fullest and will literally split your melon if u gotta problem so if i were yous i wuld be friends with them best as possible.
yo jim did you here what happened down 2street last night , yea cuz these 7 guys went against 3 guys from 2street and now thos 7 guys are in IV in the ER
by james swineheart October 17, 2009
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