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Acronym - Too 'Next-Level' for you.

1)Acknowledgment that all or part of the conversation is going completely over the other persons head. also see over your head

2)A claim to ones own abilities (skill, speed, power or intellect), or those of a certain group, in contrast to another especially in light of possible competition. also see next level

3)A claim that the person in not ready for what is coming or will find it too difficult. also see noob
Examples --
MagnetFanBoy: i tryed to save the world with cpu fans and magnets but failed... hard... FREE ENERGY IS FAKE! AND SO ARE UNICORNS!!
RoboSolar: i would post a link to a video where a guy made a solar powered robotic unicorn, rode it to your house, and made it piss on your bed... but thats 2NL4U! p.s. wash your sheets.

BlackOps2 Zombies "auuuuhhhg, slow down, we cant keep uhhhpp"
FPSGamer "Do you even lift, brah?! IM 2NL4U!!"

Guy "hey hun i was thinkin, how to you feel about moving in together?
Girl "holy shit, i thought that was way 2NL4U! FUCK yeah! i love your shower!"
Guy "it was hypothetical."
Girl "ASShole!"
by MrNextLevel February 25, 2013
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