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The Regiment was organized by act of Congress on February 2, 1901.
Due to their ferocity in combat, the Regiment was give the name WOLFHOUNDs by the Russians in 1918.

The unit has fought from the Philippines Insurrection, to Siberia, throughout the Pacific in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afganistan, and Iraq.
The Wolfhound portal can be reached by typing in;
27th Infantry Regiment (WOLFHOUNDs).com
The "27th Infantry Regiment (WOLHFHOUNDs)"; noun
Go "27th Infantry Regiment (WOLFHOUNDs)"; verb
Yea "27th Infantry Regiment (WOULFHOUNDs)"; exclamation
"27th Infantry Regiment (WOLFHOUNDs)", No fear on earth;
by houndw July 18, 2011