BIG ASS RIMS 27 hells yea
i am spinnin on 27s u suck
by spinna November 02, 2003
Top Definition
Marlboro No. 27 cigarettes
Shit! I'm fiending! I need someone over 18 to get me a pack of smokes, I need some 27s!
by J B J June 06, 2004
The official "scene" brand of cigarettes.
Person 1: Do you have a cigarette?
Person 2: Yeah. (Opens pack of Marlboro menthols)
Person 1: Eww, I usually smoke 27s, but this will do.
Person 2: (is thinking "give me it back then, cunt")
Person 1: Do you have a light too?
by Holly T October 04, 2005

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