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The hippest spot on Berklee College of Music's Campus. Known for "The Mall" being tha chilllllest spot if you want to smoke some bluntskies, just head on over to 270 and find out for yourself. Walking through the halls, it is almost a definite fact that you can hear Dub Step or B.I.G. bumpen from any room, and even more smoke being blown out tha windows.

Another commenly known fact for 270 is the easy access to any drug known to man kind, you name it, some ones got it. Known for its riduclus raves at the top, and its insane jam sessions at the bottom, there is no better place to spend your first year @ berklee COM than 270 Commenwealth.
Dude 1: "Dude after the mall lets hit up some cats and jam in the 270 Commenwealth ensemble room"

Dude 2: "ya man.... we just need some sour patch and kettle corn, then lets jam!"

Dude 1: "Sounds good dude"
by SourPatCHezz4PresIDenT July 03, 2010
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