The numerical code for the letters Y (25th) and T (20th) "YT", also known as whitey, the man, etc.
In other news, a high school student brings a gun to class wounding his teacher and 2 others....."Man those 2520s are at it again."
by DubJ December 17, 2003
Top Definition
Means white dude or white people.

The 25th letter is Y
The 20th letter is T

put them together you get YT=whitey
Stop actin like a 2520
by SupaDave December 16, 2004
The infamous code to let your homies know you're about to bang a chick.
Friend: "Yo bro you coming to hang tonight?"
Me: "Nah bro, 25-20"
Friend: "Shit, say no more bro. Get it."
by Manwhor July 07, 2016
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