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25 to life is the prison sentence for murder. If you are convicted the judge has to sentence you to a minimum of 25 years.
If OJ was convicted he would have gotten 25 to life.
by redrum781 February 28, 2006
if you get a life sentence
"For every rhyme I write, its 25 to life" Havoc / Mobb Deep
by AndiZed October 06, 2004
Kick ass game coming out Fall 2005.
Are you buying 25 to life?
Hell yeah, do I look retarded?
by TX18 August 04, 2005
How long a person in the ghetto is bound to live (25 years)
Samm: YEAH! Its ma 26th bday, I survived the 25 to life prediction!
by Mark Cav April 10, 2006