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growing out your goatee (or other facial hair) until 2012. Whether for fun, style, laziness, or just 2012-ing it.
Ex 1:
You: When are you going to trim or shave off your goatee? It's getting long!..
Me: This is my 2012 goatee, im not trimming or shaving it off until after 2012...if there is a day after...

Ex 2:

Thinking: I really don't feel like getting rid of my goatee, then my chin would feel naked. I know what I'll do...I grow this thing out til.......2012.....yeah!....that'll work. I'll call it my 2012 beard...Im sure by 2012 I feel like getting rid of it.........but what if there isn't a day after???
by vicehpm January 13, 2010
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