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A "gang" located in the burrough of Danville, Pennsylvania. The name 2 Dub is derived from Danville's 2nd Ward neighborhood. Because 2nd Ward is the lowest point in Danville, the members of 2 Dub have obnoxiously large window decals on the back of their cars that read "2nd Ward, 2, Friends in Low Places, Danville PA". Members of 2 Dub typically drive cheap-ass cars that they have somehow "tricked out" with Wal-Mart car accessories so that everyone can recognize they belong to that gang. Because Danville is such a small, inactive area (which really makes one question how a GANG gets formed anyways) 2 Dub members are often found at the local Sheetz gas station.. just straight chillin' and bumpin' music from their rides. While at Sheetz, they may be in the company of strippers from Danville's infamous strip club, Mustang Sallys. Unless you're in 2 Dub, you most likely regard the gang as a group of wanna-be-black white douches who lack intelligence and mack on 15 year old girls. You may also wonder how a gang is even thought to be formed in a town where crime and racial diversity is unheard of and one of the country's most prestigious, wealthy hospitals is located.
1. Hey, guys! Let's go grab some food at Sheetz and hopefully 2 Dub is there to laugh at their sorry asses.
by Frances B. December 31, 2009
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