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Some crappy rapper from Georgia, trying to make it big - by riding Drake and Lil Wayne nutz.
2pac without a nose ring - STFU... 2 Chainz
by DuronGGH August 19, 2012
A shitty rapper who tried to use 2pacs name and makes hip hop look bad, and doesn't know how snapbacks work.
K1: Hey did you see that kid K2: Yeah he had a 2chainz style hat on
by GaGP June 12, 2013
Just a crackhead attempting to rap. Worst thing to ever happen to Rap music next to Lil Wayne. Loved by mainstream radio stations, due to his lack of talent. He also can't spell -
2chainz - i luv dem strippaz
2chainz - Crack (everywhere I'm at)
by justanotherguythatyoudontknow August 11, 2013
A sorry excuse for a rapper who makes Rebecca Black look like a talented artist. Like many mainstream musicians, he focuses more on fame and money than the quality of his music. His songs are made up of stupid lyrics such as "when I die, bury me inside the Gucci store" and "she got a big booty and so I call her big booty". His horrible music is proof that his fifteen minutes of fame will be over pretty soon despite the fact that he is so popular and well-liked.
2 Chainz is the reason I don't listen to the radio anymore.
by akt858 December 25, 2013
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