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Can be used as an insult for someone that has no originality to there "Swag" and or the level of there "Swag" is common or below tolerable levels

And can be used as a complement depending on the time

When paired up with more time as in 5, 10, 20 minutes ect, the more tolerable or unique the "Swag". 24 hours being the highest and something we all should strive for

When used with less time 10, 5, 2 minutes ect, the stronger the insult and the lacking of "Swag". 2 Seconds is as low as it can get, meaning you should go die, you have No! "Swag"
Example A of "2 Minute Swag": Insult

Pat: Yo Vic check out my new gear son!

Vic: Look at this niggah and his "2 Minute Swag"

Pat: Word!? Vic

Vic:..... Word

Example B: Insult

Kim: Ohhhh girl did you see Dan!? that niggah looks fresh, he's about to get him some ;)

Melly: All that niggah is!, is "5 Minute Swag"

Kim: Really!!!???

Melly: Yeah Kim I thought you knew that?

Kim: Damn... well fuck that bitch ass niggah then

Example C: Complement

Yolly: OMG! Don you like have "30 Minute Swag"

Don: Oh really!! thanks bitch!

Example D: Complement

Pat: Vic shut me down today guys...

Guys: Well Vic has "24 hour Swag"... you should be thanking him for even talking to you

Pat:..... Yeah... your right
by Crimson2113 October 25, 2011
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