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My fave deal a day website. You can buy totally cool stuff for super cheap (like an iPad 2). They have crazy good deals, but wayyy more importantly - they send out FREE stuff all the time!
Stan: Why are all these Facebook haters ragging on my fave website, 1SaleADay?

Jim: No idea, bro. I just got my free headphones in the mail. 1SaleADay is totally THE SHIZ!
by Flintwire November 02, 2011
1SaleADay is the greatest deal site ever, you can find items up to 100% off.
You heard me right, 1SaleADay is always giving away free stuff such as free HDMI cables which are normally at best buy for the same specifications $49.99.
1SaleADay is always holding great deals every day in the Following Sections
Jonathan: Hey bro, I just got a free pocket tool from 1saleaday
Bro: Dude, that's freakin' epic bro how did you do it?
Jonathan: I just clicked add to card, check it out!
by j.h.96 December 29, 2011
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