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Damn cool car. Came with a 307 or 350 V8 usually, occasionally a 396 I think.
Wow, that 1971 Chevy Nova just hauled ass past my little asian bitch car.
by Paul Wall. May 10, 2003
actually 1971 nova's werent heavy hunks of metal infact they only weigh 2,900, considering a 2003 GTmustang weighs 3,400lbs i dont think its really that heavy, and compareing a 1979 nova with a 1971 is like comparing a 97supra with a 86 supra they r nothing a like, so learn yur shit before u run yur mouth
by pintojoe the ricer killer May 23, 2003
heavy piece of metal with sum nuts, without the actual balls to go with it, tires, and glass.
"my 1979 chevy nova wont start"
"i found my old 1979 checy nova at a museum"
"because of time, my 1979 chevy nova disintegrated"
by nun of ur concern February 12, 2003
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