A feat achieve by the San Francisco 49ers, Chiacgo Bears, and New England Patriots.
The San Francisco 49ers went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The Chicago Bears went 18-1 and won the Super bowl.

The New England Patriots went 18-1 and lost the Super bowl. Sucka!
by Eagles 2011 SB Champs December 15, 2010
1.)To come close in an accomplishment only to fail during the last second after coming so far to absolute perfection.

2.)Coined by the 2007 Patriots and their devestating loss during the superbowl against the New York Giants.
1.)Boss: You 18 - 1'ed your promotion oppertunity

2.)Football Fan: The Patriots were going for 19 - 0, but instead made it 18 - 1 due to Tom brady's clutch choke.
by CJDonaghue February 12, 2008
It doesn't matter, nobody cares, so what, meaningless, etc.

In reference to the Patriots 2007 (almost) record setting season.
I'm proud of my new car but all my friends are 18 - 1 about it.

Peyton: I think I might grow a goatee.

Dwight: I think I'm 18 - 1 about your goatee.
by Jason M. Hoffman February 08, 2008
The numerical representation for a ménage à trois between one woman and two men.
Dave: "Hey bud, she looks prettty wasted!"

Ty: "Ya, she does."

Dave: "Shes hot man, go in for the kill, we'll pull some 181."

Ty: "Ménage à trois?"

Dave: "Yeah, but if we pull a clash of swords, I'm out ASAP."

Ty: "cool."
by Supa Dave McKinnon February 16, 2011
The (incorrect) metric conversion of the sexual position, the 69er, heard on a forgotten comedy show in the 90's and perpetuated by those who have repeated the joke and not checked a conversion calculator. 1 inch = 2.54 cm, answer should be 175.26.
Some credence should be given however for the homonym, "one ate one".
They were urgent and ravenous, satisfying each other simultaneously in a 181.
by bollux2 August 31, 2011
In the United States Army, Physical Fitness tests are given every six months and soldiers must pass with a 60 in each of the three events adding up to a minimum passing grade of 180. A 181 is when a soldier gives the minimal effort due to extraneous circumstances to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test. So a 181 is an acceptable, yet less than enthusiastic effort in order to accomplish a goal.
Ex. 1
Soldier 1: Oh man today is a 181 day.

Soldier 2: Definitely, I'm so goddamn hungover from penny beer night I can hardly stand up.

Ex. 2
Jack: Man I really don't give two shits about this final exam.

Joe: Just make it 181 and call it a day.
by The Sugabear April 28, 2010
The number after 180 and before 182.
Teacher: What comes after 180?

Class: 181!
by Indigopluto January 17, 2010

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