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The amount of money that a kilo (or 36 ounces, i.e. a bird) of cocaine sells for (17.5k or $17,500). phrase made popular by Young Jeezy.
I got that bird for 17.5
by gnirts May 14, 2007
the amount of money a kilo goes for(kilo of cocaine)
Damn dawg i tried to go hit a lick but he was sellin them bricks for 17.5
by thmbcv January 21, 2009
A slang term that means 1.75 liters of alcohol. It is used in refencing how much alcohol one has.
Aaron: Hey betsy I got a 1.75 with your name on it, why dont we hang out tonight and see what happens?
Betsy: Fuck yeah, party !
by George Smith Jr. November 11, 2005
Another Name For Young Jeezy...
"Yo Dats Ma Manz 17.5"
by Corey Brewer Fan April 23, 2007