1.5 inch rolling papers
yo, spark up dat whiteboy
by jack me off November 21, 2003
An email, letter, or other correspondence that lists five key points numbered 1 through 5. Pronounced One-ta-Five.
Hello - just a quick 1-5 for you to read through.

1. How's everything going?

2. I haven't talked to you in a while.

3. Did you get my email last week?

4. That was a great DR meeting.

5. Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Giant Eel
by Giant Eel January 21, 2010
a better version than 1.4, i prefered beta myself but hey, times move on
Hobo V1.5 is better than Hobo V1.4 and MUCH better than Hobo V0.9b
by hex_ten November 23, 2003
Short for 1500m run.
He ran the 15 in under 4:10.
by thegreatwhitehype September 18, 2003
An unnattractive or "sketchy" female.

in reference to a hand in Blackjack.

Guy 1:Dude she was a total 15.
Guy 2: Huh?
Guy 1: As in blackjack...
Guy 2: As in your're not sure if you would hit it.

Guy 1: Yup.
by Undefined234 April 13, 2007
Inconspicuously referring to an African American person, as referred to because the 15th color crayon in a box of 64 crayola crayons is the black color.
so who was at the party...?
well, it was John and Stacy, and then a couple of 15's I didnt know.
by DFoxx May 16, 2008
another word for when you or someone else farts.
EW! did you just 15??

Damn, those beans in that burrito made me 15 so many times last night.
by 12jddsou March 12, 2006
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