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"Everyone gets 15 minutes of fame." 
-Andy Warhol

Derived from the quote of Andy Warhol, this term is directed to reality tv or YouTube type "celebrities" who gain recognition and publicity from their (often accidental) video submissions. The use of the word 'frames' is an allusion to the frame speed of video cameras, where 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second is standard speed for consumer/prosumer cameras, thus 15 frames of fame would equal half a second of fame.
Jason uploaded a video of his terrier "Murf". The video was recorded as the dog was eating cat poop from the litter box. Jason then yelled at the dog and it instantly took a dump in said litter box... then sniffed its own poop but was offended by the smell. Within days Jason's video went viral. His 15 frames of fame.
The buzz died and Jason was terrified his celebrity was at an end. He made many, many attempts to train his dog to do a multitude of things with cat poop but alas the dog proved it was a one trick phony. Murf only ate shit.
by PDXJohnny99 April 20, 2013

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