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One of the upper radio bands, primarily inhabited by blue-haired French girls.
"I'm listening to 11.975MHz."
by Ethane November 16, 2003
11.975MHz is a frequency in the rough middle of the shortwave spectrum. Notably, it is the primary day time frequency for the USAF High Frequency Global Communications System, and is used to pass encrypted traffic. The corresponding night time frequency is usually 8.112MHz

The comic, "Listening to 11.975MHz" is names after this frequency, and includes a sample transmission on one of its later pages, under some 6502 microprocessor code. It is to this comic, created by Ethane, that the other definition refers to.
Was the SKYKING on 11.975MHz?
No, it was on 8.112MHz
by SAUCEIV July 07, 2016
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